Although this album isn’t as lively and upbeat as his previous two albums, Trippie takes a different route and expresses his creative flair. While Pegasus is a solid effort from a more mature Trippie Redd than fans may have seen in the past, its focus is too scattered and its content doesn’t warrant a grueling 74-minutes of run time. As aforementioned in my article on Pegasus, Trippie Redd is known for his emo-style rap roots. Recently Viewed. Wassup guys, today we are going to be reacting to Trippie Redd's new album called Pegasus! Personal Favorite, great album Winter Game Night. A better effort than his previous two records, ‘Pegasus’ is a soppy love album that doesn’t stray too far from Trippie’s original emo ethos. He has used notes of rock in his music before, though he is primarily a rapper. Over it, Trippie Redd spits bars about living life on the edge, smashing his competition, getting guap, and feeling invisible. While the former sounds like the latter with coronavirus, at the end of the day, it is impossible to ignore how dramatic, ferocious, and bi-polar they both sound on the song. “S leepy Hallow” is a single from, Pegasus, the third studio album by Trippie Redd.Redd keeps things incredibly short, to the tune of 1:41. It felt like Trippie Redd fell into a lot of the same issues Juice WRLD did before he died, and while his rock-leaning posthumous album did a lot of heavy lifting to redeem his legacy, for a while now Trippie Redd’s stuff has played way closer to Death Race For Love territory, … The vinyl itself is fine just comes a little dirty and I might just have to switch out the sleeve but … Neon Shark, however, is the rock-inspired counterpart to Pegasus. 4. least fav: the ending of weeeeee. theneedledrop Reviews trippie redd, travis barker, neon shark, pegasus, deluxe, album, 2021, tenthousand projects, rap, rock, pop punk, emo trap, 4/10, review. His flows and inflections on “The Nether” sound like Wiz Khalifa circa 2012. Pegasus is the follow up album to the #1 album A LOVE LETTER TO YOU 4. Books for All Ages: Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off. “Oomps Revenge, Pt. I am OK with that, but I am sure R&B enthusiasts aren’t. In other words, it’s hard to predict when he’s going to hit us with ferocious bars or sing like an angel. fav tracks: let it out, excitement, spaceships, no honorable mention, sleepy hollow, kid that didd, tr666 Written by: Allysa Gordon. I hate feeling left out LMAO! Lol. 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The Ohio rapper’s new album sounds like a randomly generated playlist: tons of options, very little soul. Redd has spent most of his story working and dropping at least two projects a year, so it came as a surprise to find out that Pegasus took him a total … He definitely goes off on the song! Pegasus is as ambitious and wide-reaching as any of Trippie Redd's other releases, but it's so overstuffed and creatively empty that when the rare inspired moment does pop up (as with the unexpected acoustic guitars and genuinely pained wail of album closer "Sun God"), they're already lost to the overwhelming deluge. The lack of a personal touch follows Trippie across Pegasus’ more amped-up sections as well. Pegasus is Ohio rapper Trippie Redd’s third studio album and his second project of 2020, following the February 21st release of the deluxe edition of his November 2019 release, A I'd usually praise a record with as much variety as Pegasus, but each different sound and vocal style Trippie experiments with is either just a bad concept on paper or ends up undercooked and underdeveloped. The tracklisting is far too long and winds up just balancing out all the great moments with mediocre tunes, which is probably what the average Trippie listener (and fan) expects at this point, so I guess it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Learn how your comment data is processed. “Sleepy Hollow” is powered by a beat that you might hear in a trap horror movie. Trippie Redd's foray into rock music, while not half-hearted, has plenty of kinks to be ironed out. I like R&B/lyrical Trippie Redd more than violent Trippie Redd. Trippie has already released “A Love Letter To You 4” earlier this year. The most bizarre song on the album is “I Got You,” where Trippie swaps verses with Busta Rhymes while interpolating the chorus to Busta and Mariah Carey’s 2003 song “I Know What You Want.” Somehow, it’s also the most effortless collaboration on the entire project. Pegasus is the typical Trippie Redd affair, some pretty great songs and a bunch of really bland ones. Pegasus is a 26-song, 74-minute-long album, featuring prominent hip-hop figures such as Busta Rhymes, Quavo, Future, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and Swae Lee. It may be a change of pace, but it doesn’t boost his writing, which is as nondescript as a PornHub comment. Trippie Redd has a very distinct voice, coupled with a very diverse style of music. Throughout the song, Trippie sounds focused, like one of the best rappers in the game, and hella confident. TR666 Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Trippie settles into a nice rhythm on “No Honorable Mention,” outpacing guests Quavo and Lil Mosey with a fast-paced verse about flexing through trauma. Rap artist Trippie Redd released his newest project “Pegasus” on Oct. 31. On “Oomps Revenge, Pt. Pegasus beat is amazing, quite possibly best on the album & the intro is ridiculously fire, but the lyrics I found to be kind of unnecessarily lewd & disgusting. With penetrating lyrics and a nuanced but hard-hitting vocal performance, the 21-year-old defies genre boundaries, embedding his melodic take on rap with rock-and-roll and heavy metal elements to create a wildly experimental yet massively appealing sound. Publish your book with B&N. It’s a 5/5 for me, and I don’t even like trippie redd. Do ya’ll hear remnants of the “Back To Back” beat in this song, too? Pegasus: Trippie Redd Album Review 4 months ago cuatower . His genre-bending swing-and-a-miss album from 2019 titled “!,” as well as the bloated “A Love Letter To You 4,” were underwhelming in every way. “Transmission went out/Transitions, my house/New positions to try out,” he belts on “Love Scars 4.” Whether he’s talking about revealing new love (“Let It Out”) or navigating charged emotions (“Mood”), the songs feel anonymous, like any of his immediate peers could’ve written them. All in all, “Spaceships” is lightyears ahead of a bunch of songs on Pegasus. For sure! 2020 brought Trippie’s most disappointing collection to date with “Pegasus,” which gave us over an hour of Trippe lyrically sleepwalking through the most midlevel material of his career. Damn, you like No Honorable Mention, too!? 2. Buy the album titled Pegasus (Trippie Redd). A week after releasing the worst album in the history of mankind, he turns around and makes an album in Pegasus that a lot of people will think is the album of the year. I probably do. Customer Reviews. Passion isn’t a replacement for voice, and Trippie has burrowed further into the bad habits that plagued his bland 2019 sophomore album !. Pegasus by Trippie Redd (Album Review) February 25, 2021. Yung Bleu Says Trippie Redd Caught Feelings Over Drake Collab: 'Started Acting Like A Little Girl' Yung Bleu is quick to credit Drake for nabbing his first Billboard placement with “You’re Mines Still” but after Trippie Redd made a few slick comments his way, the Alabama native couldn’t help but call Trippie … I’m not going to lie, I love it when Trippie Redd keeps it all the way real in his music. Other highlights across Pegasus come from its many guests. Trippie Redd – Pegasus (Zip Download) [Zippyshare + 320kbps] Trippie Redd just dropped a brand new music album called Pegasus. what the actual fuck was that, Trippie’s verses on “WEEEEE” are fantastic; the hook on the song is HORRIBLE! Trippie Redd’s problem is Travis Barker, Travis Barker’s problem is Trippie Redd, together, it’s a dysfunctional match made in hell. Aqui encontras 100% das letras E fotos Só desejo a vossa participação para página continuar — Ratings Game Music (@RatingsGame) October 30, 2020. “Them hollows hit your chinny-chin, I’m like the Crimson Chin,” he growls on the hook for “Kid That Didd,” draining all momentum from the track. 103 talking about this. Quincy is the creator of Ratings Game Music. Average album … Pegasus features more love songs than usual, a marked evolution for a rapper who once couldn’t be bothered to chase the feeling on the first “Love Scars” from 2014. Sign up for the 10 to Hear newsletter here. Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Monthly Picks. Among the most popular is 21-year-old Trippie Redd, born Michael Lamar White IV. He doesn’t just wear multiple hats; he stacks them on top of each other like he’s trying to start a TikTok challenge. while retaining many of the same problems. You got everything backwards ! You want it? TR666 heat tho. Catch up every Saturday with 10 of our best-reviewed albums of the week. No Honorable Mentions “Oomps Revenge, Pt. Image courtesy of Complex. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Platinum-selling rapper, singer, and songwriter Trippie Redd has landed four consecutive Top 10 albums in just three years' time. By Maisy Sullivan. Man, I hope so! On Pegasus, an album that features a whopping 26-tracks, you never know which direction Trippie Redd is going to go. Rapper Trippie Redd drops “Sleepy Hollow,” the incredibly brief, third single from his third studio album, Pegasus. Nowadays, you get duets with rappers and singers more than duets with singers and singers. Pegasus, a Bootleg of songs by Trippie Redd. What grade do you give “Pegasus” by Trippie Redd ? Trippie sorta sounds like Tory Lanez on this song…. Trippie’s new album consists of … Emo rap is a fitting complement to alternative rock, as they historically have similar lyrics … If you were to poll millions of people, they would probably say that they prefer to hear rap songs by Trippie Redd. The lack of a personal touch follows Trippie across Pegasus’ more amped-up sections as well. “Spaceships” features a beat that will both soothe your mind and make you nod your head violently, one of Young Thug’s best verses to date, and a pretty unique vocal performance by Trippie Redd. His musical ambitions are still scattershot, bouncing between different poles of rap from song to song, but he does attempt to branch out lyrically. So you’re pretty much saying Oomps Revenge part 2 > The Nether > No honorable mentions ? You got it! Trippie Redd is something else, right? You can tell … Read reviews and buy Trippie Redd - Pegasus (Target Exclusive, CD) at Target. The second entry in his “Oomp’s Revenge” series, dedicated to his late brother, provides a steady beat for Trippie to continue eulogizing his fallen soldier. From a willingness to experiment with the format, to a short film released alongside the record, Pegasus flies into unchartered and interesting new territory. It’s double the length of ! ‘Neon Shark vs Pegasus’ holds onto Barker’s instrumentals for dear life, knowing that if at any point it lets go, it's already clear deficiencies would define it. I love Trippie Redd's music and he went way beyond with this project. 1. Since the start of his career, the Ohio rapper has embraced a passion for rap of every possible variety. Anyway, on “Mood,” Trippie Redd and Chris Brown go toe-to-toe with one another vocally. There are scene-stealing features from PARTYNEXTDOOR, Young Thug, and Future. Until he’s ready to reel it in, he won’t be fit to claim mastery over any of them. Unfortunately, he doesn’t flex his vocal skills all that much on the song; he simply goes the heinous rap route. 5. I will say, I do like Trippie when he is super lyrical, so I’m slightly biased. Over it, Trippie Redd reminds the world that his chopper hits more folks than a Linebacker. The scope of Pegasus — 26 songs stretched across 74 minutes, not including an extra six songs worth of “Spooky Sounds” — is staggering. Weeeee Least favorite track: Spaceships. Pegasus is as ambitious and wide-reaching as any of Trippie Redd's other releases, but it's so overstuffed and creatively empty that when the rare inspired moment does pop up, they're already lost to the overwhelming deluge. Casting such a wide stylistic net yields a few successes across the album. Platinum-selling rapper, singer, and songwriter Trippie Redd has landed four consecutive Top 10 albums in just three years' time. “TR666” is the second “666” song that I listened to today (Are rappers trying to tell us something?). Aw s**t! This might end up being one of those songs that never click with me (Ahem Ahem Richard Millie Plain/Reaper’s Child. In pursuit of this new spacey R&B style that Trippie tries here, he loses a lot of what made him unique in the first place: his rock and alternative influences, the gravely voice, his … Yea, both Trippie Redd and Swae Lee’s singing on the song will break a few glasses here and there, but hey, I applaud their fearlessness. Trippie would benefit from selecting a few of the several styles he insists on sampling on every project and focusing his energy instead of trying to be all things to all people. Released 18 August 2020. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Throughout Pegasus: Neon Shark vs. Pegasus, I heard authentic rock-n-roll melodies, vocal performances, cadences, and lyrics. While I agree, Trippie is better at making rap music than he is at making rock music, don’t sleep on his ability to sound like a legitimate rock star. He channels Roddy Ricch’s nasal tone on the title track and Pi’erre Bourne’s bouncy melodies on “Good Morning.” When he does manage to stand out, his punchlines are jokes that wouldn’t pass muster in a middle-school cafeteria cipher. Trippie has cited Prince as an influence on the album, but many of these songs lack one of the core tenants of the Purple One’s music: personality. LMAO. lol. Trippie’s musical wanderlust sounds great on paper and works decently in short bursts, but in practice, and particularly on his latest album Pegasus, he sounds like a randomly generated playlist: tons of options, very little soul. 2” is powered by a beat that is both heavenly and grungy. QD. “A Love Letter To You 4” had a few skips throughout it but was not a bad project. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Trippie Redd - Pegasus at Discogs. Ohio native and rapper Trippie Redd, also known as Michael Lamar White IV, released his third album “Pegasus” on Friday, Oct. 30 and shocked fans all over the country. 2” is powered by a beat that is both heavenly and grungy. Even putting aside the gargantuan 74 minute length of the record, Pegasus is for sure Trippie Redd's most confused and cluttered record to date. 11. I was a horrible writer in 2017, but I do think that I accurately described “TR666” to the people in the review that I did for the song at that time. V-12 actually surprised me, the beat I really like & the chorus isn't bad, but I wasn't a huge fan of his delivery on the verse where Trippie is kinda shouting over a beat that doesn't fit that mood IMO. Learn More . Trippie Redd is back with his highly anticipated album 'Pegasus'. It’s also hard to figure out when he’s going to talk about being in love with a chick or being in love with his gun. V-12 Below is what I said: Despite TR666’s evil name, the track has this gentleness to it that makes for a pretty decent listen. The album has been teased and leaked many times but Trippie has dropped it with a staggering 26 tracks and arguably the worst album cover of all time. Favorite tracks: No honorable mention (best track), Weeeee, Personal Favorite, V-12, Hell Rain, Kid That Diddd Barnes & Noble Press. The Soundcloud rap era of 2016-2017 supplied the modern rap scene with dozens of noteworthy artists. 3. I’m curious to hear you top 5, bro! I don’t love the song, but can respect it. Trippie Redd’s third album Pegasus might not feel as lively as his two previous records, but what it lacks in radio friendliness it makes up for with creative flair.