(1) But Pidgin English isn’t broken English because it does not attempt to approximate the linguistic conventions of Standard English. There are over 525 native languages spoken in Nigeria. The language is commonly referred to as" Pidgin" or "Brokin". Now, in Nigeria, it is customary to use “Pidgin English” and “broken English” interchangeably. Pidgin is a language spoken by most Nigerians; it is the break-even language as most tribes are able to speak and understand it. Nigerian Pidgin - how are you? by misreal(m): 11:29pm On Jul 21, 2014; a beg I want learn more of Nigerian proverbs or idioms wen dem dey talk for pidgin..please drop a proverb and its meaning in pidgin English. Proverbs In Pidgin Or Broken English. "Broken English is OK if you are living off your wits but would you employ someone who can only speak that kind of English?" Huston’s latest revelation came during a game of Plead the Fifth, in which Cohen asks his guests three difficult questions and they can only... Cracking the Code: A Toddler, an iPad, and a Tweet. Location. Pidgin or broken English is a mixture of English and Nigerian words used casually in conversations. It is estimated that Nigerian Pidgin English is the native language of approximately 3 to 5 million people and is a second language for at least another 75 million More Languages. Nigerian music is known as Afro-Beat worldwide and it would not be where it is today without the infusion of Pidgin and broken English. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / Nigerian Pidgin English And Their Meanings (283050 Views) Nigeria Pidgin Proverbs & Their Meanings / Traditional Yoruba Names And Their Meanings / Igbo Names & … Also called, ‘broken’, it is an English-based Creole that has been adopted as a pseudo-lingua franca or nationally spoken language in Nigeria. I remember that as a child while learning English in Nigeria, "incorrect" English was considered "pidgin" or "broken" English. Broken English: When Our Mother Tongues Take the Back Seat. The official language of Nigeria is English, the language of former colonial British Nigeria.As reported in 2003, Nigerian English and Nigerian Pidgin were spoken as a second language by 60 million people in Nigeria. one Nigerian linguist … 22 Aug. To all my non-Nigerian friends out there, if you ever find yourself on the African continent, the most interesting place to be is Nigeria. Pidgin is also known as broken English because English is the basis of the language. It is often considered a creole since most speakers are not native speakers although many children do learn it early. We aim to please, entertain and satisfy our viewers by giving state of the art interesting movies online by just a simple click. david-May 15, 2019. Don't go nowhere as we give you the very best in latest, comedy, classic and epic movies. Nigerian English is sort of a Pidgin English - Broken English spoken across Nigeria. Engrish is a slang term for the mostly unintentional misuse or corruption of the English language by native speakers of Japanese, Korean and some other Asian languages to a lesser extent. Pidgin is an English-based creole language and Nigeria’s real lingua franca. The mongrel language of the world, and a patchwork tongue of trade, migration, empires and historical movement, Pidgin English, in its varying forms is a lingua franca - a simplified bridge language evolving through necessity, after extended contact between groups without a single common language. Dialects. Posts tagged with "Nigerian broken English" Tag: Nigerian broken English. A Brief Analysis Of The Nigerian Pidgin (broken) English by Angelou(m): 4:17pm On Aug 02, 2015; Nigerian Pidgin is mixture of English and any tribal mother tongue in Nigeria, spoken as a lingua franca across Nigeria.It has nothing to do with creole at all. Re: Proverbs In Pidgin Or Broken English. Nigerian Pidgin English And Their Meanings - Culture - Nairaland. by misreal(m): 11:30pm On Jul 21, 2014; no be today nyansh dey for back..which means some things cannot be changed or altered. by imustsaymymindo: 9:37pm On Sep 04, 2017; The term "I love you" is often said in English. But Pidgin English isn’t broken English because it does not attempt to approximate the linguistic conventions of Standard English. Now, in Nigeria, it is customary to use “Pidgin English” and “broken English” interchangeably. The launch of BBC Pidgin on the World Service is recognition that our English is not ‘broken’, but beautiful, says Accra-based lecturer and writer Kobby Ankomah-Graham After the departure of the missionaries, this lingua franca did not go with them but remained and is the most widely spoken language in Nigeria today compared to English. It can also get you a good discount while shopping at a market simply because you talk like one of us. 07/01/2015 01:49 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2016 Portrait of a beautiful African woman with orange scarf. Broken English - Jokes Etc - Nairaland. It is an English pidgin whose vocabulary has been influenced by Portuguese and local Nigerian languages - these influences may vary depending on the region of Nigeria, as different languages predominate in different parts. Latest Nigerian News. User Population. Anglo-Nigerian Pidgin, Broken English, Brokin, Brokun, Nigerian Creole English, Nigerian Pidgin English, Pidgin. This is the Nigerian pidgin dictionary, a compilation of Nigerian slangs and street talk created and maintained by its readers. Pidgin English is the lingua franca in Nigeria, where more than 300 languages are spoken, according to Francesco Goglia, a researcher at the University of Manchester. The short answer is no, although there are occasional overlaps between Nigerian Pidgin English and Nigerian English, as several examples of distinctive Nigerian English usage in this book have shown. A hybrid of English … Maybe to show seriousness though. The blend of it in lyric, melody and production has made it endearing to the people and has aided its penetration all around the continent and Europe as Africans travel the world. No posts to display. 6 : Nigerian Pidgin English is Nigerian Pidgin is an English-based Pidgin or Creole language spoken as a kind of lingua franca across Nigeria that is referred to simply as "Pidgin", "Broken English" or "Brokan". Unlock this profile with an Essentials plan. Hilarious Broken English Proverbs In Warri / After Planning Our Wedding For 3 Years,they Say I Am Not Wife Material / Those Who Understand Broken English Well Pls Help Translate This (1) How Do You Say "I Love You" In Broken English? Language Status. Nigerian Pidgin is spoken as a lingua franca in Nigeria, a country of over 500 languages. Most Nigerian slangs are actually Yorubaslangs, this is because most slangs stem from pidgin English, a language which is a cross between local dialects and English.It can also be referred to as broken English.Nigerian words and phrases are unique, however, some become popular trends used by people from different parts of West Africa as some cultures are similar. I am not embarking on some kind of ‘Save Nigeria’s Image’ campaign. Anjelica Huston’s racy claim about Jack Nicholson. Nigerian Pidgin English is a version of English and ethnic Nigerian languages spoken as a kind of lingua franca across Nigeria and is referred to simply as "Pidgin", "Broken English" or "Broken". Nigerian Pidgin English was greatly influenced by the Saro or Krios who infused words like "na" into Nigerian Pidgin. It is broken English like Patois and Creole, spoken along the coast of West Africa and it has extended to the diaspora, due to Nigerian migrants. Alternatively, Nigerian English is a very sweet language as it allows you freestyle. Popular Nigerian Lingos. It's superstrate is English with Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba as the main substrate languages. Writing. Extract | 35 → CHAPTER 3 Comparing Broken English, Pidgin English, and Nigerian English Is Nigerian English the same as (Nigerian) Pidgin English or, for that matter, “broken English”? Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Jokes Etc / Broken English (1014 Views) Psalm 23 In Pidgin/broken English / Lagos Na Wa: Passengers Push Broken Down BRT Bus [photos] / Proverbs In Pidgin Or Broken English. Tag Archives: Nigerian Broken English. Language Development. Although, Warri people feel it is exclusive to them, people from other regions in the country also speak the language. Some English words here lose their original meanings so there can be confusion. Language Use. English might be the official language, but in a country with well over 250 other local languages, Pidgin was developed to aid communication among people from different parts of the country, as well as between locals and Europeans. Pidgin is one way to feel a sense of belonging with the locals. The earlier kinds of English language which were spoken were “Coastal English” and “Patua English” (Pidgin or broken English) which was a more adaptable English variant as a quick and easy means of communication.